Place for B side


Manage your B side with various templates and develop your potential!

hyde screen

Manage your B-side.

We all have our own B side. What kind of B side do you have?

'study_king' with study B-side

"I manage my growth with HYDE."

'travel_holic' with travel B-side

"I manage the memories with HYDE."

'peter' with drawing B-side

"I manage my own creations with HYDE."

'imoscar' with movie B-side

"I manage my hobbies with HYDE."

Various templates
for the way you want

I want to record restaurants with ratings, travel with dates, and collections with images. Everything is possible in HYDE. Manage it the way you want it!

Do not hide
HYDE inside you.

In addition to Jekyll, which is a full-time job, everyone has their own Hyde. It just lacked a way to manage and show it.

How did HYDE start?